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Fireless Technology makes some Progress

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Swiss TV reports on Fireless Steam Technology

A Swiss TV-crew were filming DLM's fireless shunting locomotives at Schaffhausen on May  31, especially the easy method of recharging steam from the stationary boiler of the nearby brewery.

 Speicherlokomotive beim Aufladen


Function of a charging station for steam 

Swiss Federal Department for Energy BFE orders Marketing Study on Fireless Technology

The purpose of the study is to investigate the potential of fireless steam technology on rail and road transport vehicles.  

Download this file (Dampf-Tankstelle der Brauerei Falken.pdf)Dampf-Tankstelle der Brauerei Falken[ ]407 Kb
Last Updated on Friday, 08 June 2012 14:47

Media News on the new Paddle Steamer (sorry, in German only)

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Zeitungsartikel vom 05.06.2012 der NZZ

NZZ: Neue Vereinigung will Rhein-Dampfer

Zeitungsartikel vom 05.06.2012 der Schaffhauser Nachrichten

Schaffhauser Nachrichten: Dampfschiff: URh bereit zum Dialog

Zeitungsartikel vom 31.05.2012 der Schaffhauser Nachrichten:

Schaffhauser Nachrichten: Dampfschiff wirtschaftlich und ökologisch machbar

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 June 2012 16:00

New Paddle Steamer: Foundation of the "Pro Dampfer" Association

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On May 24th the Foundation of the "Pro Dampfer" Association was taking place in Stein am Rhein. More than 100 members were attending! Dr. Eduard Joos has been elected as Chairman without a dissentient vote.

A Press release concerning the project of the new Paddle Steamer will take place on 30 May in Schaffhausen, beginning: 10:30 am, location: Galerie Fronwaagplatz


Folder: (in German only)

Prodampfer Faltprospekt

Media news: (in German only)

St. Galler Tagblatt: Raddampfer-Pioniere auf Kurs

Schaffhauser Nachrichten: Grossaufmarsch zur Gründung von Pro Dampfer

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 June 2012 15:05

New Trainguard System ETM-S for 52 8055

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On April 19, 2012, SBB Works Biel and DLM commissioned the new trainguard system ETM-S on 52 8055 at Schaffhausen. The previous trainguard system named Integra is gradually being replaced by the newer ETM-S on all Swiss standard gauge lines. All functions have been tested and worked straight away.


Last Updated on Thursday, 26 April 2012 13:30

Project for a new Paddle Steamer on the River Rhein?

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In 1967 the last remaining Swiss paddle steamer on the river Rhein had been scrapped, much to the regret of most passengers. Following the success of the 15 (!) active paddle steamers on the Swiss lakes, a local group of politicians took the initiative in 2008 to propose a new padddle steamer. Three studies (none by DLM) later, the ship company URh (Untersee - Rhein) come to the conclusion, that a new paddle steamer would be too expensive. However, the poor economic results achieved by the URh in 2011 and in previous yeaers motivated the group not to give up on their plans for a new paddle steamer, stating that the present operation with motorships only were not attractive enough to draw the crowds. Indeed, with some innovative ideas, a new paddle steamer could be operated economically and environmentally friendly. Further paddle steamers have less draft then motor ships, so that more operating days were possible during low water. As it is, passengers often have to change to buses, not very attractive indeed when one plans a river cruise.

NZZ Artikel: Der Rheindampfer-Idee droht Schiffbruch

Artikel Schaffhauser Nachrichten: Doch ein Schaffhauser Dampfschiff

Artikel Dampferzeitung: Kein Dampf


Ideenskizze einer neuen Schiffsdampfmaschine, Zeichnung DLM

Last Updated on Monday, 16 April 2012 11:36

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