SS Spiez: Commissioning of the Steam Boiler

Thursday, 12 March 2020 15:54

DS Spiez_Ausblasen der Dampfleitung

The new steam boiler of the screw steamer SS SPIEZ has been commissioned at the BLS shipyard in Thun as from March 9 to 11, 2020. By means of its electric preheating device located next to the boiler in the boiler room, the boiler was previously preheated electrically to 8 bar. In the afternoon of March 9 the oil burner has been ignited for the first time, followed by the usual commissioning and test procedures. Amongst these are the impressive blowing out of the main steam pipe. Following the cleaning of the main steam pipe, it is usually connected to the steam engine. As a result of the currently (too) low water level of Lake Thun, it is not possible to operate the steam engine which is directly coupled to the screw. For the test run of the new steam engine see:

The following drawing illustrates how the final design of the ship (Drawng: aardeplan ag - Architektur SIA 6340 Baar):

DS Spiez_Projektzeichnung


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