Alternative Energy for Shunting, Suburban Traffic, Commercial Vehicles and Ferries

Friday, 11 October 2013 08:58

Worldwide, oil products dominate transport to 99%. This enormous dependence is dangerous. The globalized production needs cheap transport. If the oil prize increases drastically, the system becomes unstable. Who knows how long the oil prize will remain stable? It would be wise to look for alternatives now.

In cooperation with the foundation Swiss Excellence and two Swiss Universities, DLM has worked out a study proposing oil-free alternatives in transport. The study had been ordered by the Swiss Department of Energy BFE and is available in German only, but heavily illustrated. To see or download please click :

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The advantages of the proposed technology are enormous. Any type of energy can be used.

- Reduction of the dependence on oil

- Use of "free" energy such as waste heat, solar heat and geothermal energy possible

- CO2-neutral operation with biomass such as wood chips or pellets possible

- Substantially lower capital-, operating- and maintenance costs

- Emissionfree operation, no oxygen needed (important for work in tunnels and tunnel rescue)

- No idling, no waste of energy (Diesel locomotives in shunting spend 75% of the time idling, when discharging wagons up to 95%)

- Significant noise reduction compared to combustion engines

New: Heating container allows the use independent of industrial energy sources. In cooperation with an industrial partner DLM has developed a 20'-ISO-Heating container fired with wood chips. Compared to diesel fuel, wood chips cost a fraction.


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