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Start News Presentation of DLM's Fireless Locomotives at Schaffhausen

Presentation of DLM's Fireless Locomotives at Schaffhausen

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Friday, September 7 saw intensive shunting operation by the fireless locomotives of DLM at Schaffhausen's SBB station. The demonstration for interested customers included re-charging of steam at the nearby brewery. For logistic reasons, DLMs own steam fleet was being shunted around instead of the usual goods waggons.

Speicherlok FLC 03 160

Fireless locomotive FLC 03 160 hurries to the steam charging station of the Falken brewery. Photo: Erik Schneider

Dampf tanken in der Brauerei Falken

The flexible steam pipe connects the vessel of the locomotive to the stationary boiler of the brewery. After opening the valves, steam flows from the boiler to the locomotive until equal pressure is reached; a very simple and efficient method of energy transfer. Photo: Erik Schneider

FLC 03 160 und 147 (mit Solarzellen!)

Fireless locomotive FLC 03 160 shunts sister locomotive FLC 03 147. Please note the solar panels on the roof of the latter, replacing the steam turbogenerator. Photo: Erik Schneider

FLC 03 160 rangiert 52 8055

One can hardly think of a traction that is more environmentally friendly: The emmissionfree fireless locomotive FLC 03 160 silently shunts the modern, light oil-fired 52 8055 out of Schaffhausen shed. Photo: Erik Schneider

FLC 03 147 und 160

A view we will soon get used to again: fireless locomotives doing daily routine shunting! Certainly the design will be somehow more modern for new fireless locomotives, but this technology has so many convincing advantages regarding economy and ecology that it will be a matter of time until diesel locomotives will be replaced on most shunting duties, where they are inefficiently spending 75% of the time idling! Photo: Erik Schneider

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