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Start News Project for a new Paddle Steamer on the River Rhein?

Project for a new Paddle Steamer on the River Rhein?

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In 1967 the last remaining Swiss paddle steamer on the river Rhein had been scrapped, much to the regret of most passengers. Following the success of the 15 (!) active paddle steamers on the Swiss lakes, a local group of politicians took the initiative in 2008 to propose a new padddle steamer. Three studies (none by DLM) later, the ship company URh (Untersee - Rhein) come to the conclusion, that a new paddle steamer would be too expensive. However, the poor economic results achieved by the URh in 2011 and in previous yeaers motivated the group not to give up on their plans for a new paddle steamer, stating that the present operation with motorships only were not attractive enough to draw the crowds. Indeed, with some innovative ideas, a new paddle steamer could be operated economically and environmentally friendly. Further paddle steamers have less draft then motor ships, so that more operating days were possible during low water. As it is, passengers often have to change to buses, not very attractive indeed when one plans a river cruise.

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Ideenskizze einer neuen Schiffsdampfmaschine, Zeichnung DLM

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