Modernizing Snow Ploughs, Production of further 20 Units

Monday, 29 March 2010 13:47

Test, approval and transfer trips were done in one go from Knittelfeld via Selzthal to Bischofshofen. There was not much snow, but it was freezingly cold. Foto: Roger Waller, 21.12.2009

In the mean time production of the further 20 roller bearing wheelsets has begun.

 Erster Klimaschneepflug mit Rollenlagern

The first roller bearing equipped wheelsets (based on technology developed for 52 8055 !) were delivered at the beginning of Dezember 2009 by DLM to the ÖBB-Workshop at Knittelfeld. Foto: Roger Waller, 12.12.2009 in Knittelfeld.

Radsaetze mit Rollenlagern fuer Schneepfluege

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