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Start Engineering Running behaviour of rail vehicles

Running behaviour of rail vehicles

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Running behaviour of rail vehicles

Curving behaviour with regard to tracking geometry, wheel-rail forces, wheel and rail wear and safety against wheel climb derailment for:

  • Stiff framed locomotives, also with special guiding systems such as Beugniot levers, Krauss Helmholtz bogies etc.
  • Four wheeled vehicles, also with long wheel base and in tight curves
  • Bogies with radial wheelsets, also under the action of traction and braking forces
  • Behaviour of vehicles in trains, especially at push-and-pull operation


Stellungsbild der Starrrahmen-Schmalspur-Lokomotive (Baureihe 99.32) der Mecklenburgischen
Bäderbahn Molli (Bad Doberan - Kühlungsborn West) in einem 114 m-Bogen 

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